SELF CARE – How to Avoid Anxiety and Depression

Our whole country has gone through incredible stress in the last two years. We have dealt with Covid, inflation, high gas prices, political division, Supreme Court controversies, supply chain shortages and foreign wars.

It’s no wonder that psychologists and other mental health workers have been inundated with people seeking therapy for anxiety, depression, trauma and other mental health issues.

Practicing good self-care is essential to prevent these emotional problems.

Some areas to focus on include:

  • Health – One of the most important areas is staying physically healthy. This means being physically active, eating healthy foods, sleeping well, spending time outdoors, and keeping regular physician follow-ups.
  • Role – What is your role in life, and is it the one you would choose? Are you the pleaser, the caretaker, the problem solver?
  • Boundaries – If we are not setting appropriate boundaries in our lives, it is very likely that others are taking advantage of that, intentionally or not.
  • Solitude – As humans, we all require interactions with others. No one wants to be alone. However, we all need some periods of solitude, where we get to tune out the rest of the world, at least for a while.
  • Relations – Take a look at your closest relationships. If any of these are toxic do what you can to minimize them. Spend more of your time with others who are affirming.
  • Structure – Having structure to your day can reduce stress. We can be flexible, but at least have a plan of how we intend to spend our time.
  • Self-Esteem – A realistic view of yourself is essential. No one likes grandiose, selfish people. However, dwelling on any negative self-traits is harmful.
  • Contributing – Making others happy, and doing for others unselfishly makes us happy and in turn, content.
  • Rewards – When we have worked hard, accomplished difficult tasks, and fulfilled our responsibilities, it’s important to feel confident about rewarding ourselves.
  • Spiritual – We all differ in our views, but it is important to have a sense of spirituality and meaning in life.
  • Goals – What are you working toward? How do you know when you’ve gotten there? Having goals gives us a sense of purpose in life and provides motivation.

Good self care can be a buffer from all that is going on around us.  Now that you know how, begin today to take good care of yourself.

Rollin S Rhodes PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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